Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. ~Arthur Ashe

Today, many organizations and businesses are expected to do more with less.  By investing in your organization’s programs and processes, you can make strategic improvements to help make things more efficient and effective, and therefore give you more time to do what you do best.  The work you do is important, let me help you make it easier.


Facilitating Effective Meetings - Getting Together

There’s a rhythm to hosting effective meetings. It’s a balance of preparation, expectations, participation, and ongoing progress. We discuss noticing, agenda structuring, documentation, follow up, and how to progress toward goals. We can help you set up a simple system so you can focus on the work, not the process.

Group training available. 

Policies & Procedures - Cheat Sheets for What’s Important

Does not knowing how to do something stop you from actually doing it? What if you had a little cheat sheet that explained how to get the task done, from bringing on new board members, to hiring new staff, renovating, or hiring cleaning staff. A Cheat Sheet doesn’t do the work for you, but it takes away the ambiguity of how to accomplish it. We focus on the tasks that you identify and make the directions simple and easy to follow.

Role Rebalancing - Whose JOB is it anyway?

Through turnover, increased reporting requirements, community engagement obligations, and the never-ending search for funds, top level staff often take on more than they can handle. Role Rebalancing focuses on redefining roles and responsibilities and finding a solution that works. We review job descriptions and dive into the minutia of what the top executive and administrative staff do to keep the doors open. Through discussions, evaluation, and analysis, we look at how we can rebalance roles and responsibilities to help existing staff focus on what’s important. We can also examine rebalancing roles between boards and staff too!

Library of Assets The file cabinet.

A Library of Assets contains the symbols and documents that you use again and again in sharing your story. It’s your logo, your mission, a newspaper article about your program, a participant’s experience, templates, brochures, or a touching story. You have all of this… somewhere. Wouldn’t it be ideal to locate it in one place so you can use and re-use it for various grant applications, thank you notes, or annual campaigns? We can help you identify what to have in your library of assets and create the things you don’t.