Be the change you would like to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Changing the world is a tall order. But when we work together we can begin to shift direction and consciousness. With change we can examine what is and envision what could be. Through creativity and partnerships, we can address the challenges communities face and work toward solutions.  Help shape the world you want to live. "Be the change." 


Collective Impact Support

Today we are faced with increasing complex social problems. Often the systems that are designed to address those issues are not effective. When we work together, we can accomplish great things. The Collective Impact model was developed under the premise that no one organization or agency can solve the challenges we are facing. This approach calls for multiple organizations to work together, toward a common goal, in order to impact collective change. Key to doing this collaborative work is the infrastructure to keep it moving forward, often referred to as the backbone. This is the person, or organization, that keeps the collaboration on track, moving toward their common goals, and keeping all involved accountable. 

Facilitating Community Conversations

Dedicated to group decision making, and trained by meeting facilitation experts Interaction Associates, we work with nonprofits, businesses, and local government to help them have community conversations to address the unique needs and challenges they are facing. Each community is unique, as is the challenges they face. We can design and facilitate discussions tailored to your needs.

What others have said:

Amy has assisted a Board of Directors to see through the task of merging two entities, and that involved a lot of herding of cats. She does an excellent job of keeping the group focused, and investigating items that seem to be of concern, ultimately through research allowing those concerns to be hit head on so they can be evaluated and either dismissed or pursued. This direct and focused effort is key to keeping a process moving forward in a highly functional manner.

- Cullen Ryan, Executive Director Community Housing of Maine, Chair Continuum of Care Board of Directors

I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for the work you are doing on behalf of the Leadership Team. In particular, your detailed notes have been of special use to me, and your continued positive attitude in what seems to be an ever-changing environment has not gone unnoticed. Thank you very much for your attention and work. Cloudburst appreciates it!

- Kathleen Freeman, Project Manager, Homeless Programs and Data Systems, The Cloudburst Group